Our Story

PDL Cosmetics is passionately committed to inspiring fierce determination, confidence, and allure. Founded by Panamanian Patricia de Leon, PDL Cosmetics is a highly pigmented, cruelty-free, vegan makeup line of luxe lip products. Patricia and a renowned makeup chemist worked side-by-side for two years to perfect PDL’s unique formulations and vibrantly distinct colors.  



Brand Story

One small act can spark an internal revolution. For Patricia de Leon, that philosophy turned an idea into a brand — PDL Cosmetics — that aims to help change attitudes from “maybe I can” to “YES I AM.” In Patricia’s eyes, it’s like watching a butterfly take flight. Over time, PDL hopes to inspire a movement of empowering women to unite with love and confidence to feel unlimited.


Meet Patricia De Leon

The Patricia de Leon that you know today —activist, actor, entrepreneur — is not the same woman who came to the United States with a visa, $1,000 in cash, the basics of a new language, and a big dream. Growing up in Panama, Patricia was an introvert that was surrounded by a loving and supportive family who taught her the value and power of caring for the community. Her desire to ignite confidence in women so that they will take flight has not and will never wane. PDL Cosmetics is a part of the realization of her original dream, and it’s just the beginning.