What is #YOUunlimited?

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What is #YOUunlimited?

 PDL Cosmetics was created with the hopes to inspire a movement of empowering women to unite with love and confidence to feel unlimited. We want YOU to feel UNLIMITED, hence why we founded #YOUunlimited. 

What does #YOUunlimited mean?

It’s a global ask to bring your best self to the world everyday. To feel power. To feel like there aren’t any limits. For you to be the strong, beautiful person that each and every one of you are. 

What makes you feel unlimited? 

For Patricia de León, founder of PDL Cosmetics, it’s the love and support from family, friends and followers. Without the support of others, she wouldn’t be where she was today. But, what makes YOU feel this way? What makes YOU feel unlimited?

On social media we ask to have you share what #YOUunlimited looks like. Is it a gathering of friends? A day in which you have met all of your goals? 

On this blog, we will be sharing stories and inspiration that we hope to empower you to have the confidence to take on the world. 

#YOUunlimited - We’re at the beginning of a journey to uplift women around the globe with bold colors, but it truly starts with YOU.

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