How To Get A Bold Red Lip

How To Get A Bold Red Lip

How To Get A Bold Red Lip

A bold red lip is a classic, always-in-style look. This timeless color has been worn for decades as a way to make a statement. 

We've broken down how to prep the lips and applying this color correctly to achieve lasting, all-day results. Follow these easy tips and your color will stay! 

The reds we love from our collection are Mexican Lindo and Scarlet Red in our Bold Aspirations Liquid Lipstick and Senorita and Justice Speaks in our High Powered Lipsticks. These are the perfect shades to achieve this look!

Step 1
Cleanse the mouth area with a mild soap or face wash. Then lightly exfoliate the lips by taking a dry washcloth and quickly, but gently, rub the lips in a circular motion with the cloth. This will prep the lips to be smooth and clean for a uniform color application.

Step 2
Apply a wash of color of the top lip first. If using Bold Aspirations Liquid Lipstick, insert wand back into tube to get another serving of color. Then, apply color to bottom lip. If using High Powered Lipstick, twist base of lipstick to draw up color. Apply first to top lip and then to bottom lip. Do a quick smack of lips to balance color. No need for a second coat, our colors are incredibly pigmented and even stay put when wearing a mask!

Step 3
If desired, apply a swipe of a lipgloss over the color to get a glossy look. Our Sexy Shine Lip Gloss in Pure is a simple clear gloss that works well over any red. 

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