A Guide To Our Colors

A Guide To Our Colors

A Guide To Our Colors

When creating each of our highly-pigmented lip products it was a goal of ours to have unique formulations and vibrantly unmistakable colors… with great names. Color so powerful, so transformative and so meaningful that when applied, gives an immediate boost of confidence and empowerment. And, they really do have great staying power! When testing, we’ve been amazed at how long they truly do stay on - through all-day mask wearing, chatting throughout the morning on Zoom meetings and even going out for that occasional dinner. 

Founder Patricia de León takes us through the inspiration for each shade and its name… 



Revival - Warm pink rosé: I believe that revival is such an important thing for every human being. Everyone of us goes through ups and downs in our lives. When we are in those downs we can sometimes lose hope. But we must remember that we can revive ourselves in order for us to move forward in the right direction. 

Lady Love - Cool coral red: When we were creating our other lipstick colors Naked and September Rose, we loved both of these so much that we decided to combine what we loved about them and make Lady Love. A simply perfect color that wasn’t too rose or too nude. 

Believe - True classic red: This is a classic color. A strong one that was made to identify with strength. As long as you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything in life. 

Chiquita - Cool nude mauve: Your easy, everyday, wear-anywhere color. It’s for those days when you want to wear a little something on your lips, but keep it dialed down a little bit. 

Panama Paradise - Warm coral orange: My hometown in Panama has the most perfect coral sunsets. I have always called Panama my little paradise. 

Fearless - Cool berry mauve: This beautiful maroon color is created for the woman of today. I believe women are now more powerful than ever before. She is the important voice, the woman who has taken the position of fighting for rights, the one that is not afraid to speak up for herself or others. She is fearless. 

Pink Power - Cool rose pink: Like a fiesta in a tube! A beautiful strong pink for the woman who loves pinks.

Tropicana - Bright crimson red: Quite possibly my favorite color of the line. When I made it I had hesitations about it at first. I was asking myself “would I wear this color?” and “is it too bright?”. But once I put it on multiple times, it kept reminding me of Cuba, the beautiful range of Caribbean colors that we see there. An orangey red, but still a red. A happy, loveable color that is actually totally wearable. 

Berry Latina - Cool berry pink: An unmistakable wine color. I have always been extremely proud to call myself Latina, and I believe this color describes us very well.

Senorita - Cool ruby red: A color that is so feminine that it demands respect. This burgundy red screamed to me “señorita”, which is a respectful way we call a single woman. 

Naked - Warm coral orange:  Our signature perfect nude. Mixed with a smoky eye, one pop of this color and you are ready to shine. 

Justice Speaks - Warm spicy scarlet: This is the perfect, pure red. One of my go-to’s when you definitely want to make a statement. This was named after an important organization, Justice Speaks. Justice Speaks raises awareness around human trafficking and was created by my female pastor. After hearing about the stories of young girls that are taken as sexual slaves and that are victims of human trafficking, I said to myself, I would like to represent them in this line. This color speaks up for justice for all those young girls. 


Angel - Warm pink coral: I didn’t think twice when formulating the color of this gloss. My first impression is what I would imagine the soft touch of an angel to look and feel like. 

Pure - Clear sparkly shine: There is nothing more pure than the true transparency of a human being. This gloss gives you a soft touch of shine, while still showing the beauty of the natural color of your lips. 


Azucar Morena - Cool neutral rose: This color is both a true mauve color but also sometimes could look  like a cafe con leche. It reminds me of sweet brown sugar. 

Mamacita - Neutral carnation pink: A really fun pink. It’s like the color you put on to brighten your day. Mamacita is another word we use in Spanish. When a woman looks good, she feels good and she shines! 

Boom Boom Babe - Cool neutral cerise: We crowdsourced the name for this color. I put out a survey on social media to help me name this fun shade. I owe my career to my family, my friends and my followers. They are truly a part of me and who I am. It was important to have them involved, to be part of this brand in some way. This name had the most votes - the people have spoken! 

Mexico Lindo - Classic true red: At a very young age I lived in Mexico for a bit. Mexico was a country that adopted me. I learned so much there and respect so much of the Mexican culture. Their people are bold, strong and their convictions are very solid. And the traditions, the culture and the food are unparalleled. They don’t ask for permission. They just do - with a solid determination, I respect that. This color represents that fierce sensibility. 

Brava - Warm Tangerine: Brava in Spanish means angry or upset. But, in English it means brave. And this is what this color represents to me. Women are incredibly brave. We go through so much in life and always try to pull forward. I personally come from a generation of brave women, like my mother, for example. Like so many Latin women that I know, their roof could be falling apart above their heads but they still find the strength, the force, to pull forward and always make it all ok. To me, that is even more than brave. 

September Rose - Neutral French rose: An elegant rose color.  It’s the perfect color to express that effortless elegance within you every single day. 

Faith - Warm brick orange: This coral is the color that will give you the complete trust and confidence in yourself to get you ready for your journey everyday. 

Blessed - Warm peach: A nude color with a slight touch of coral. This is a color that is a great one to put on at the start of your day… color that reminds me that joy comes in the morning. It’s truly a blessing to know you can start your day with joy. 

Luna - Warm apricot: What a yummy color! It’s a little bit light. A color that you can wear as your daily lipstick, it’s not a coral and it’s not a nude. It’s the perfect combination of them and the name is after one of those warriors of women I’m surrounded by. 

Empowered - Neutral burgundy: The kind of color that is strong enough that makes you feel empowered without needing anything else on your face. On its own, it makes a statement. 

Scarlet Red - True scarlet red: This red color is your perfect red. I am surrounded by strong women in my life and one in particular always wears red lipsticks. Scarlet red was named after this superwoman. 

Bonita - Cool dark sangria: Bonita means pretty in Spanish. This is the kind of red that you can wear at any time of the day, it gives that boost of confidence without feeling too loud.

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